An Inside Look At The Houses Owned By Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev house

“A home has a journey and a spirit. I’m only a minor step and a passenger on this house’s path. It has positive vigour. There is a sense of past habitation here. There is a zen atmosphere. Nina Dobrev.

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In her interview, Nina Dobrev provided a behind-the-scenes look at her stunning West Hollywood property, which featured stylish design elements and European-inspired decor. The 1920s-era Spanish-style building has been painstakingly restored to its original magnificence. The superb taste of Dobrev is immediately apparent. In the kitchen, vintage terra cotta flooring and an Italian oven honour her European heritage while adding a personal touch with colourful accents and artwork from her travels. One of the features is an open-concept kitchen that Dobrev herself restored during the pandemic, along with a sunny patio area and original wood flooring from the 1920s. Incredible design concepts can be found in every area of this magnificent house. In this article, we examine some of the more notable areas of the celebrity’s home tour while making design observations. So let’s explore Nina Dobrev’s captivating home.

  1. Nina’s 20th-century West Hollywood home had a comprehensive renovation as a result of the pandemic.

Dobrev discovered that she had free time in 2020, just as the outbreak was beginning. Dobrev had plenty of free time now that she was not travelling for work or pleasure, as she stated in an interview, “It was the very first time in a long time that she was in her house.” This motivated her to start a number of home improvement initiatives, including a kitchen remodel. She also painted her house’s front in white.

  1. The actress painted the entire exterior herself.

Dobrev, in typical DIY fashion, painted her house’s exterior herself rather than hiring professionals. To make the mustard-yellow walls appear brighter and more spacious, she painted them with white paint from Home Depot. Dobrev, in typical DIY fashion, painted her house’s exterior herself rather than hiring professionals. To make the mustard-yellow walls appear brighter and more spacious, she painted them with white paint from Home Depot.

  1. The living room has thoughtful details and is light and airy.

One of Dobrev’s home’s most beautiful features is the bright living room. While keeping some of the home’s original 1920s features, including the magnificent fireplace, the actress has added discreet splashes of modern furniture. The space is brought to life with bouquets, rich green plants, tranquil crystals, framed art, and large windows. The improvements give the space a cosier, more welcoming atmosphere. Over the fireplace, a photo from Dobrev’s travels in Africa hangs as a unique touch. Somewhere else, a print of David Bowie is mounted on a wall.

  1. Cooking and entertaining are best done in an open-concept kitchen.

With its white subway tiles, butcher block countertops, olive green cabinets, and Dolomite island, Dobrev’s stunning open-concept kitchen is a sight to behold. Dobrev used to spend little time in the small galley kitchen, though. When the pandemic first started, she tore down one of the original walls to make the space bigger and more functional.

  1. The kitchen features European accents all over.

Like Dobrev herself, many of the culinary ingredients are of European descent. The wonderful oven, which looks lovely to cook in, was imported from Italy. It is created by a company by the name of ILVE. Another European design element in Dobrev’s kitchen is the flooring made out of reclaimed terracotta tiles. Ceramic tiles made of clay that is rich in iron are known as terra cotta, which translates to “baked earth” in Italian. Due to their earthy, reddish tones, these tiles are a great alternative for flooring in homes and will instantly add a rustic touch to any space. All of the old tiles in Dobrev’s kitchen are one-of-a-kind and have small flaws and cracks that give the room a unique, lived-in feel.

  1. The dining area is conveniently accessible from the exterior.

Dobrev made her home a welcoming place for meeting and entertaining by investing in a magnificent dining table. The gorgeous wooden table from Arbour Exchange features rounded sides and robust oak legs. Along one side, repurposed chairs and a table are complemented with a candle centrepiece, two hanging lights, and framed art. The area can seamlessly transition into the surrounding outdoor environment thanks to the open French doors. It makes sense to connect your indoor space to the outside for a number of reasons. The room will not only appear brighter, broader, and more open, but it will also have more natural ventilation.

  1. The home contains a lot of authentic 1920s decor.

Many of the home’s distinctive architectural features, including the fine 1929 crown moulding on the walls, the old black fireplace in the living room, and the creaky hardwood floors throughout, have been meticulously preserved. Despite appearances, Dobrev does not appear to reside in a historic home. Dobrev renovated her home to combine old-world charm with contemporary comfort by knocking down walls to create more space, remodelling the kitchen, and adding contemporary furniture. If you live in an older home, Dobrev’s house may provide ideas for designing a cosy living space. A fresh coat of paint, new furniture, and updated lighting fixtures are all great ways to breathe new life into a home.

  1. A one-of-a-kind piece of art hangs over the bed in Dobrev’s charming bedroom.

Dobrev’s spacious and attractive bedroom has airy windows, cheerful furniture, and a sizable area rug to tie the room together. One of the room’s most striking elements is the longhorn artwork that hangs over the bed. After seeing the sculpture for sale on the side of the road, Dobrev fell in love with it and believed it belonged in her home.

  1. The stunning bathroom features tiling from the 1920s.

The blue and white bathroom in Dobrev feels like a step back in time. The charming space has original 1920s tile flooring, and just like the kitchen, it exhibits minor flaws and cracks that show its age.

  1. The charming movie theatre is decorated with paintings by Nina’s mother.

Even Hollywood stars desire a comfy setting for marathon movie watching sessions and streaming binges. After a long day, you can unwind on the comfortable Cloud Couch in Dobrev’s den, which also contains a tonne of fluffy pillows and blankets. In Dobrev’s theatre area, there are statues, crystals, and candles among the furniture pieces. Framed art adds a personal touch to the walls, especially a charcoal picture by Dobrev’s mother. The beautiful hand-painted piece of art shows an X-ray of a vintage film camera. When Dobrev wants to create the illusion that the space is a real movie theatre, she lowers the light-blocking drapes to create immediate darkness.

  1. The backyard also has a relaxing and recreation area.

Without a pool to cool down on hot days, no Los Angeles home is complete. It is true that Dobrev’s pool has been converted into a beautiful, tranquil haven. The tiny pool is the place to be on a warm day, whether swimming laps or taking a dip. A sizable outdoor table is also available in the expansive garden for dining al fresco and socialising with guests.

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