Amazon Diamond Points and How to Earn And Use Them During Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

Amazon Diamond Points

Learn about the advantages of Diamond Points during the Great Indian Festival Sale on Amazon. Know how to obtain them and exchange them for Cashback Rewards.

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It’s about time for the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. Amazon has created another another type of rewards to boost this deal. It is referred to as the “Diamond Points.” In the previous year’s promotion, these were initially advertised as “Get 750 Diamonds on orders of min. 500 on Amazon Small Businesses.” Diamonds can now be earned in a variety of ways and then redeemed for Amazon Pay money. These Diamond awards are like a freebie because they go above and beyond sale discounts and bank offers.

What are Diamonds on Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale?

Amazon has introduced diamonds as a new type of prize during its Great Indian Festival Sale. Its value ranges from one to the most you can earn. Earning and burning these gems must occur during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale only.

How to Check for Your Diamond Points on Amazon?

Only the Amazon app has access to the Diamond Points. To check yours, follow the instructions below.

  • Get the Amazon app.
  • The banner reading “Great Indian Festival” can be clicked.
  • Under the bank offers banner, select “redeem diamonds for assured cashback.”
  • To find your Diamond Points, scroll a little bit below.
  • The deals that may be redeemed with these Diamonds will also be given to you.

How to Earn Diamonds on Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale?

By engaging in any of the following actions, you can earn diamonds during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. Diamonds will be credited within 7 days of your action, so keep that in mind. Most of the time, it is quickly credited. the activities listed below.

  • Purchases on Amazon Fantastic Indian Festival Sale. To earn diamonds, spend at least Rs 100 in stores. Up to 400 diamonds can be earned each order for Prime members for every Rs 100 spent. For every Rs 100 paid by others, up to 200 diamonds would be awarded per order.
  • Get 750 gems when you spend at least Rs 500 in the Amazon Small Businesses area (was there last year so possible for this year as well). Only valid once per user.
  • playing games and quizzes on the Amazon app’s “Funzone” area.
  • Amazon Mini TV is being watched. You can get 5 diamonds for watching for 15 minutes.
  • executing UPI and other Amazon Pay transactions.
  • acquiring a yearly Amazon Prime subscription.
  • uttering anything to Alexa.

Additionally, if you made purchases on Amazon within the previous year, you will receive an upfront bonus in the form of several diamonds. Thanks to our Dimer pgtoday for the Free 1000 gems credited in Prime & Non Prime Account offer post, many dimers have received free 1000 diamonds in their accounts.

How do I use my Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale diamonds?

Your diamonds can be redeemed for a variety of cashback deals on the Amazon app. Additionally, you can use them to take part in “Funzone” jackpots for a chance to win rewards through a lucky draw. Keep in mind that once you redeem something, there are no refunds available. The nice thing is that these Diamond points can be used in addition to any current sales or bank discounts. The offers for cashback that were obtained by exchanging diamonds are listed below.

Amazon Pay Cashback offer Diamonds to Redeem
Get Rs 300 back on min order of Rs 3000 1500
Get Rs 2000 back on select Air Conditioners 1250
15% back on min order of 500 on beauty 300
Get Rs 1500 back on select Refrigerators 1000
Get Rs 1000 back on select Washing Machines 750
10% back upto 1000 on Monitors 500
Get Rs 100 back on Motherboards 100
Get Rs 1000 back on select Smart TVs 750
Rs 200 back on min order of 2000 on Shoes 250
10% back upto Rs 100 on Jewellery on min order of 500 100

Please check out the many additional offers on the Amazon app. Keep checking back as we shortly update the most recent Diamond redemption incentives.

Redeem Diamond Points on Amazon

Diamond points are redeemable for discounts and rewards across all major product categories, including apparel, accessories, jewellery, smart TVs, monitors, and more. Depending on how many Diamond points you have, you can select any category.

For instance: If you place a minimum order of Rs. 3,000, you can redeem 1500 diamond points for a flat Rs. 300 cashback. If you don’t have enough Diamonds points to spend on shopping, use them to play Fun Zone Jackpot and you could win interesting prizes.

On September 23, Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale will begin. Till Diwali, the sale will continue. Amazon will continue to introduce fresh deals throughout the event. There will occasionally be new bank offers as well.

The Great Indian Festival sale in 2022 will conclude with Finale days, just like the previous year’s final section of the auction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are diamond points in Amazon?

It is an Amazon reward programme. Customers can earn points for a variety of activities, including watching videos, purchasing, and subscribing to Prime, among others. You can exchange your earned points for incentives in a variety of categories.

How can I earn Diamond points on Amazon?

For every Rs. 100 spent by non-prime clients, 20 diamond points are earned. For non-prime members and prime members, the most diamond points per item are 200 and 400 respectively. Watching Mini Tv videos and engaging in other activities on the Amazon app will also earn you diamond points.

How to check my Diamond points?

Click the Great Indian Festival discount banner to access the Amazon app. The diamonds option will be visible. To view the available offers and your current diamond point total, touch on it.

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