Air Conditioner Cleaning And Maintenance: Why It’s Important

The summer months are just around the corner. When the temperatures begin to rise, many homeowners will depend on their AC to cool their homes. Unfortunately, some homeowners will find the unit is not cooling as well as it did the previous year. They may even face breakdowns or higher energy bills this summer. With the right care, many of these problems could be avoided.

When to Have the System Serviced

To ensure a properly functioning air conditioning system, homeowners need to provide the proper care. Every year, before the system is to be used regularly, cleaning and maintenance need to be performed. Fortunately, there are companies that can help with maintaining your AC unit.

The spring is probably the best time to have the air conditioning serviced. During this service, a trained technician can provide the proper maintenance and cleaning to ensure a functioning and efficient air conditioner. Each step of this service offers a variety of important benefits for homeowners.

Benefits of Cleaning the System

Cleaning the air conditioning unit provides many benefits for the home and the unit itself. Dust and debris can build inside the unit or even within the blower of the system, which can put a strain on the unit. Having the coils cleaned is also important for reducing the strain on the system.

The condenser allow the refrigerant to cool from a gas back to a liquid. If the condenser is dirty, it will not allow proper cooling and may create difficulties for the unit to cool the home. This additional strain could cause the unit to wear faster and reduce its lifespan.

Removing the debris and changing any filters will also be important for the home’s air quality. The dust and debris that settles within the unit during the off-season will blow through the home when it is turned on. Removing debris before using the system can prevent the particles from affecting the home’s air.

Proper cleaning that helps to reduce the strain on the unit can also help save homeowners energy costs throughout the summer. When the AC has to work harder to cool the home, it also uses more energy. Proper cleaning can prevent this from happening, especially when combined with regular maintenance.

Benefits of Maintenance

Although cleaning an AC is very important, it is only half of the process. Air conditioning systems also require proper maintenance to ensure the unit continues to work all summer. During this process, if lubrication is needed, it is added. Without lubrication, the moving parts will wear faster and eventually break down.

Worn belts are also replaced during the process. Worn belts could make the system work harder and increase energy costs. They may even break during use and prevent the unit from operating. Other worn or damaged parts can also be identified and allow repairs or replacements before the unit is needed.

During this time, the refrigerant levels will be checked. Low refrigerant could be a sign of a leak. Not only do leaks make it harder for the unit to cool the home, but they can also be dangerous. Repairing the leak and replacing the refrigerant can ensure the unit runs properly, efficiently, and safely throughout the summer months.

With regular and proper maintenance and cleaning, homeowners can continue to enjoy the benefits of their system for many years. They will even benefit from the lower costs to cool their home. These maintenance visits also alert homeowners early so they can prepare for the time when the unit will need replacing.

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