Adani Group Launches AdaniOne Platform To Let Users Book Flights And Airport Cabs

Adani Group Launches AdaniOne Platform

The Adani Group, which is already India’s largest airport operator, is currently vying for a piece of the consumer-facing aviation market.

AdaniOne, the Adani Group’s platform for booking flights and taxis, has been introduced and is being extensively promoted. Although AdaniOne’s website states that the platform is still in alpha, the company has already begun advertising its services on Google to attract users to the system. Users of AdaniOne can make reservations for flights both within India and abroad. Users can also reserve Meet & Greet services at the Adani group’s airports as well as taxis to the city from those airports.

AdaniOne will face off against OTAs like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, EaseMyTrip, Ixigo, and others that are already in operation. AdaniOne, like other OTAs, gives discounts and offers to customers who use particular credit and debit cards. Additionally, it offers a Rs. 1,001 first-time user discount on flight reservations. Additionally, AdaniOne runs promotions for its meet-and-greet and taxi booking services. AdaniOne is accessible via its website, as well as through Android and iOS apps.

Since the Adani Group acquired a 20% stake in the travel agency Cleartrip, the introduction of such a service has been anticipated. The Adani Group is India’s largest airport operator and manages the airports in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram, and Mangaluru, in contrast to other OTAs that just assist users in booking tickets. Adani has a front-row seat to India’s aviation industry and evidently believes there is enough demand to attempt to enter the ticketing industry as well. The Adani group is reportedly aiming to purchase a fleet of vehicles in places where it has airports to assist in transporting passengers into city centres.

In the OTA industry, competition is fierce. Long-running businesses like MakeMyTrip have struggled to consistently turn a profit; more recent arrivals like EaseMyTrip are lucrative but lack the size to pique the interest of a sizable conglomerate like the Adani Group. Although they were unsuccessful, e-commerce behemoths Amazon and Flipkart previously offered their own flight booking systems in India.

The Adani Group, in contrast to these competitors, also manages a number of airports, giving them the opportunity to vertically integrate and cross-sell other products. If it can invest in a fleet of cabs, it can also promote cab services along with airline bookings. It can cross-sell its airport services along with flight tickets. The Adani Group also has substantial financial resources, so it will probably be able to compete with and outperform current OTAs in terms of discounts and offers. All of this may enable the Adani group to achieve higher margins than pureplay OTAs, which, as a result of the intense competition in the market, only generate a modest commission from each sale.

And the development of AdaniOne may be the team’s first step toward creating a superapp. In August 2021, it was revealed that the organisation was already creating its own superapp and has a team of 100 individuals working on the project. A flight booking service might be the first step toward a more comprehensive offering that would allow the business to compete with Reliance and Tata and other established participants in the super-app market. AdaniOne’s entry into the flight booking market may cause concern among established OTA providers because they now have a sizable new competitor to fight with in their already crowded industry. It remains to be seen how Adani’s super-app ambitions play out.

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