8 Common Mistakes That Will Reduce Your Blog Traffic & SEO in 2023

8 Common Mistakes That Will Reduce Your Blog Traffic & SEO in 2023

Blogging is a very special source of Online Earning. How many people are blogging and how many people make their blog daily and start working in it. I am going to tell you in this post that after starting the blog, 8 mistakes will reduce your traffic and SEO.

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Now blogging is famous all over the world and now blogging is becoming popular in India too. Every day thousands of people take their step in Blogging with the idea of ​​making online income. But out of 100% only 20% bloggers are successful. Yes, it is true that anyone can do blogging. But everyone knows that there is no success in blogging. If you make a mistake in your life, then you will also learn from it.

 We make some mistakes when good traffic comes in our blog and SEO position is also fine. This has a lot of effect on the traffic and SEO of the blog. If good traffic is coming in your blog too, then you should not make any mistakes in such a situation. This can also lead to the end of your blog.

I am sure that there are no such bloggers who have not made any mistake during their blogging. Mistakes happen to every human being and it is from mistakes that a human being learns.

There are many such mistakes, by doing which one has to repent a lot later. It is possible that such mistakes can happen to you too. That is why we are telling you about some mistakes, knowing that you will not make such mistakes later.

10 Mistakes Can Reduce Your Blog’s Traffic And Seo in 2023

Now I am telling you about some mistakes. I hope that after knowing these mistakes, you will be careful and will not make such mistakes.

Don’t Work Regularly

Many people do regular work for some time after making a blog, then become lazy. When you want to make your career in blogging then do regular work. Update new posts in your blog. By the way, no one has time now. If you want to become a successful blogger, then for this you have to manage time and take out time for blogging.

The readers of your blog would like you to publish maximum posts in the blog for them. Keep a fixed time for updating Blog Post. If you post in a Daily or Weekly Blog, then your Visitors will know that if you update Post every day or every week, then it will come on time in your Blog.

If you work in a Regular Blog and update new posts in it, then this will increase the traffic of your blog and SEO will also be good.

Copyright Matter

Many bloggers become victims of copyright. If you put a Copyright Post in your blog, then you will never be 100% successful. With this, your Visitor will not like to go to your blog because you share copyright information. Copyright means that by copying the post completely from another’s blog and publishing it in your blog.

Due to this, if Google comes to know that you publish a Copyrighted Post in your blog, then it will delete all the URLs of your blog from the search engine. Now you must have understood whether to publish copyrighted content in your blog or not.

Don’t Backup your Blog

I understand that while blogging, it is the biggest mistake not to download and keep the backup of the blog. Let me tell you now that you should keep taking backup of your blog daily, weekly or monthly.

If you have made some mistake while designing the blog or while editing the coding and your blog is not working properly, then if you have a backup of the blog, then you can easily restore the blog and create a blog like the old one. .

Now you can imagine that almost every Blogger edits coding to customize its blog. If you do too, then I would suggest you take a backup of your blog before editing the coding. Otherwise, it is possible that your created work may also get spoiled.

Theme/Template Changing

To tell the truth, I used to change my blog template regularly in the beginning. But at that time I was probably unaware that I did not know how much effect this would have on Traffic and SEO. But now I have come to know about it, so I also tell you all that do not change the template of the blog. Let me tell you clearly that when we submit in websites like Alexa, Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, then it gives us some code which is asked to be pasted under the <head> of the template, which submits it and if we If you change the template, the code below <head> will also be deleted, due to which No data will show in Alexa, Google Webmaster will not be able to properly index your site and your site will not be indexed properly in Bing.

Blog Niche

If you have created a blog of your own, then first I will tell you that think in your mind about what you know more about and what you like to give information about. For example, if you give information about blogging only, then it will be better.

You only think that you are giving information in your blog, then you have shared the information related to Food cooking in it, then think in your experience whether it will be good or not.

Domain Change

You think that you have to go to the city to work and you are going every day and suddenly one day you go there and there will be no office then how will you know.

Same as, if a lot of visitors are coming to your blog daily and you suddenly changed the domain of your blog, then how will your visitor be able to come to your blog. So that’s why if you are going to change the domain, then notify the visitors a month in advance or else redirect the domain. It would be better to use only one domain in the blog.

Ads Number & Placement

If you are using Adsense, then if you make a mistake in this too, then it will affect your Visitor and SEO.

By using more ads, the loading of your blog will be very slow, this will affect SEO and if you use more ads, the visitor will know and will not like it.

Every visitor of your blog would want you to use at least ads in the blog. I will tell you that if you do blogging, then what is the use if you do not earn money from it, but everything has a limit. At most 1 or 2 ads should be visible inside the post in your blog. You can also use it in a sidebar.

Don’t Fix Webmaster errors

New bloggers mostly do the same thing. After submitting the blog to the webmaster, he sleeps after selling a horse. He thinks that my site is getting indexed well in the search engine.

But this is his misconception. If you do not follow the notification shown in webmaster or do not fix webmaster errors, then Google will ignore while indexing your blog. Will not index your blog quickly. So follow the webmaster and fix the errors.

Final Words

Expert SEO practitioners are not immune to blunders. Takeaways from their strategies can help you improve your own SEO strategy and serve as a gentle reminder to check in on the latest news and changes in the field. If you make want to rank your website and get  traffic in 2023 you need to make solid implementation for your blog

Every online marketer and business owner should constantly and intelligently use search engine optimization (SEO), as this is not a one-and-done process. In addition, it’s time to finally quit making silly on-page SEO blunders.

Stay away from these fatal pitfalls and Google will reward you handsomely. If you use the advice in this blog post, your search engine results page rankings will improve.

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