75 Hard Challenge: Everything You Need To Know

75 hard challenge

If you’ve opened your phone recently, you’ve probably come across a friend or influencer trying something called the 75 Hard Challenge.

On TikTok, the hashtags “75HardChallenge” and “75 Hard” have ended up in front of a few eyes, over a billion to be exact.

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It’s safe to say that 75 Hard has made quite the splash on social media, but what does the challenge involve, and is it something you should try?

75 Hard has earned plenty of backlash from experts stating that the whole thing is “problematic” to say the least. Regardless of the warning labels, hordes of people are still jumping on the bandwagon, posting before and after transformations, and sharing tips for taking on the challenge. 

Some have even coined the terms “75 Medium” and “75 Soft,” which we believe are excellent substitutes for some individuals looking to build healthy habits.

With 2022 on the horizon and health resolutions on the brain, 75 Hard might be the perfect challenge to kickstart your new year. For others, the challenge might be overwhelming. 

So is the 75 Hard Challenge right for you? 

Honestly? It depends, so let’s answer some of your burning questions about the challenge and find out.

  • What are the rules?
  • Why a jump rope is perfect for the 75 Hard
  • Quick FAQs

The 75 Hard Challenge: What Is It?

Andy Frisella, a businessman and social media personality, developed 75 Hard.

  1. The 75-day challenge adheres to the following guidelines as a programme to develop mental toughness.
  2. Adhere to a diet. every diet. Frisella urges that you seek professional advice before beginning any nutritional regimen because he is not a personal trainer, dietician, or clinical nutritionist. But he does emphasise that you can’t consume any alcohol or have even one cheat meal.
  3. 45-minute workouts should be done twice daily. There needs to be an outdoor workout there.
  4. Every day, drink one gallon of water.
  5. Every day, read 10 pages of nonfiction. The book must be a work of personal improvement; audiobooks are not accepted.
  6. Take daily photos of your development.

You have to start over from square one if you break any one of the five rules.

It seems feasible, no? Yes, for some. Many people already conduct their lives in this manner.

Some individuals enjoy physical difficulties like the 75 Hard. They’re thrilling, offer you direction, and are structured. The appeal of 75 Hard is undeniable for those who enjoy pushing themselves, but not everyone will enjoy it, and that’s okay.

Let’s say you’re new to exercising or changing your lifestyle. In that situation, the promise of the 75 Hard Challenge’s habit-forming effects might not be fulfilled. Mostly as a result of your excessive multitasking.

What Are The Rules For The 75 Hard Challenges?

Let’s examine each rule in the 75 Hard Challenge one at a time.

  1. Adopt A Diet

As far as the connotations of the term “diet,” the majority of registered nutritional professionals are not fans, and 75 Hard leaves the diet component open for interpretation.

Although it is advised to seek medical advice (which we strongly advise), it is up to the person to plan their own diet as part of the challenge.

Any physical endeavour that has dietary restrictions should not be handled lightly.

In a piece for Refinery 29, certified therapist Kati Morton advises using intuitive eating techniques as your “diet” for 75 Hard. This strategy is paying attention to your body’s signals and eating what you want in moderation.

Ensure that the sources you rely on for your nutrition information are reliable. Keep in mind that you exercise twice day, therefore you must provide your body with enough nutritious food to meet the challenge’s needs.

  1. Exercise twice per day

Throwing yourself into two 45-minute workouts a day is not the best method to create a habit of exercising consistently.

Two intense workouts a day can be difficult to manage, even for those who were already quite active before beginning 75 Hard.

That much exercise is a fantastic way to overdo it when you’re looking at a 75-day period. The 75 Hard Challenge guidelines make no mention of active recovery or, for that matter, any post-workout recovery.

A smart strategy is to incorporate kinds of exercise to your daily objective such as active rest such as yoga, stretching, walking, or steady-state jump rope. By following this method, many people might be able to exercise twice daily.

Remember not to push yourself too hard right away if you’re just starting off with exercise. You run the risk of seriously harming yourself.

Rest days are crucial for healing and performance, according to research. They are suggested by the American Council on Exercise.

  1. Consume one gallon of water

We completely endorse being hydrated, so we won’t belabour the point too much.

However, this 75 Hard rule is a great illustration of how the challenge fails to take the needs of each player into account.

The founder of Barbie Boules Longevity Wellness and registered dietitian, Barbie Boules, claims that “four litres [a gallon] is a crazy amount of water.”

The statement of Boules that “this is way too generic and could be a deadly amount for some people” is also insisted upon.

Instead of attempting to consume a gallon of water, estimate your body weight in ounces and consume that amount. A gallon of water contains 128 ounces, yet a person who weighs 200 pounds doesn’t even need to drink that much.

But keep in mind that you will need to drink more water throughout the day if you perspire a lot while working out.

  1. Go through 10 nonfiction pages.

This rule has no real flaws in our opinion; in fact, we adore it. Given that it only requires a little reading, it’s ideal for establishing a habit.

It’s important to note that attaining this daily goal while listening to audiobooks or podcasts is totally fine. You are still a student.

  1. Take pictures of your advancement

We’re on the fence about this part of 75 Hard.

Progress pictures can be a great motivator for certain people. For others, they can be equally triggering. So, in this case, we advise utilising your best judgement.

This 75 Hard Challenge regulation should also be mentioned because it goes against the idea that the challenge is about mental fortitude rather than physical appearance. Physical changes to your physique wouldn’t matter if the challenge prioritised mental development and wellness.

75 Hard FAQs

Is the 75 Hard Challenge Safe?

One drawback of 75 Hard is that it doesn’t take into account many people’s varied lifestyles, levels of fitness, and complex personalities.

Can it be done safely? Yes, absolutely. 

Do you need to prioritise rest, fuel yourself appropriately, and pay attention to your body’s needs? Yes, also.

Is Modifying The 75 Hard Challenge Cheating?

Yes, according to Frisella. Any alteration is cheating in his eyes.

Here’s what Frisella has to say:

“Did you truly succeed if you modified the software merely to say you finished it? No. The issue with your entire life is that. You keep making changes to your plans and objectives so you can claim completion. You never accomplish what you are genuinely capable of doing by doing that, and you’ll feel worse about yourself because you know in your heart that you cheated.

But our viewpoints are different.

Be aware of your body. Follow your moral convictions. If you are consistent, you will see improvement.

It’s still a triumph if you can consistently consume 80 ounces of water.

On other days, it counts as a victory if you can move your body for even a brief period of time.

Another advantage is the ability to listen to an audiobook while preparing food.

It’s okay to use the 75 Hard Challenge as a set of general guidelines for leading a fulfilling life. Be kind with yourself if and when you need to make changes.

What Should The Workouts Look Like? 

You are in charge! But if you ask us, you ought to pick exercises that you can perform anyplace. To complete the 75 Hard Challenge, a jump rope is a great tool to have on hand. Jumping is possible inside, outside, at the gym, and it is simple to pack if you’re on the go.

The Crossrope app is also a fantastic addition to the 75 Hard. The Crossrope app will keep your workout regimen interesting with over 500 sessions to select from.

Take on our monthly jump rope challenge and use the daily workouts to work toward your 75 Hard objectives if you need some accountability.

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