6 bad signs of a toxic relationship

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Feeling ashamed of your personality

Your partner loves to go dancing they go with their friends almost every weekend but for some reason you’ve never gone together. So that weekend you asked if you can tag along dancing with your partner is supposed to be fun right but they don’t seem very excited. In fact they try convincing you not to go so what’s the problem your partner might be ashamed of you. They’re worried you’ll embarrass them in front of their friends. This kind of shame is a huge problem but not because there’s anything wrong with you shame is sign of something much deeper. Your partner may be avoiding a piece of your personality. They find something about you embarrassing so they pretend that it just doesn’t exist. Many people will say oh it doesn’t matter but it does it matters a lot. Its especially important for your self-esteem shame tells you there’s something your partner can’t accept. But how can you feel confident when your best friend isn’t proud of you if this sounds like your relationship. It might be time to make a change but before you do keep this in mind everyone does something embarrassing every once in a while you might say something stupid or trip over your own feet. If your partner’s embarrassed by some random thing you did that happens to everyone. But shame is a whole different enamel your partner should never be embarrassed about your personality. If they are your relationship might be more toxic than you realize.

Belittling your responsibilities

A good friend of yours runs his own company like Movie Hustle it took off a few years back and you’ve been nothing but supportive one day he calls you while you’re at work. He says he needs a favor you tell him you can’t because you’re at the office but he doesn’t take no for an answer. He tells you to blow off your work and help him instead this is a classic example of a toxic relationship. Because of his recent success your friend starts belittling your job in his mind your work is less important than his. The problem is he doesn’t respect your priorities he thinks your friendship is all about him so he starts acting like your boss. You can’t let these disrespectful friends control your life. These relationships get incredibly toxic incredibly fast so either face the issue head-on or spend your time with someone else.

Reckless over-sharing

Every couple has their own private world you have your own jokes you have your own secrets you tell each other things that no one else knows. But what if your partner spills all those secrets to their parents or their friends most people don’t realize how toxic oversharing really is. Every time they give up a secret they’re betraying your trust you told them something in confidence and they choose not to respect your privacy. This is a huge warning sign in a relationship if they can’t keep your secrets how can you trust them down the road.

Making you the last to know

In any relationship communication is key but some toxic partners will make you feel like you’re always the last one to know do. They take trips without giving you a heads up do they make major life decision without even asking for your opinion. Sometimes it’s on purpose they many not care about your opinion or maybe they feel indifferent toward. The entire relationship other times toxic partners don’t realize what they’re doing wrong. But if you tell them and they still don’t change well that’s a big red flag. Couple needs communication and it has to be a two-way street if your partner won’t communicate your relationship probably won’t survive.

Settling for unhappiness

Let’s say you buy a new pair of headphones you take them home you open them up and find out they are broken do you pretend everything is fine or do you try to get your money back? When a relationship starts falling apart people get scared to ask for their money back. You claim you’re fine with the way things are yeah you could make a change or even in the relationship. But instead you settle for someone that doesn’t make you happy and that’s never a good idea. People settle for a bunch of different reasons maybe you think your partner is the best you can do you might be terrified of being alone. But the most popular reason is you’re scared of breaking up no one wants to be the bad guy. But settling isn’t the answer settling means the relationship has lost its magic. It isn’t based on love anymore you’re not there because you care for this and specific person you’re there. Because you’re avoiding something else unfortunately it isn’t always an obvious problem. An unhappy relationship may look strong on the outside while crumbling on the inside. But over time settling will lessen your investment in the relationship and damage your partner’s self-esteem. So if you’re unhappy do something about as bad as breakups are stuffing down your feelings is never the answer.

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