5 Types of Video Every Business Needs

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If you own a video production company in New York, you most probably have a creative streak on you. There are many things to consider while you are making videos and other such content for your business. However, if you are still thinking about different types of videos that you need, you have come to the right place. We are here to help you and provide you with the best guidance. 

Have a look at 5 types of videos that every business needs below. 

Teaser Videos

Your audience and other customers might not be active continuously on your website. To make your video stand out and ensure more traffic to your website, post teaser videos first. Upload them to social media and add a link to your description for the full video. This will help you spread more awareness and get more traffic to your website. However, there are always chances that people ignore your teasers. To avoid this, ensure that you are making interesting teasers and include those seconds of your videos that are the best.

Social Videos

As the name suggests, your business needs more videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Uploading your videos to these social media networking sites will ensure that millions of people get to watch your video content. If you own a video production in New York, make the most out of the resources you have and ensure the best for your customers by uploading content that they will like and find interesting. They will also be able to share the video with their friends and family so you will be able to gain more followers.

Live Videos

If you want to reach a larger audience at one time and communicate with them, live videos are the best type of video your business needs. This is one of the best types of videos as you will be able to communicate with your audience directly. Not only will this make people trust you more, but it will also help you to promote your business in the best possible way. You can use your time to inspire your audience and ensure potential customers for your business.

Tutorial Videos

People will most probably not be aware of your business if you haven’t made your business known. But if you have a business that requires a certain understanding and knowledge about products, tutorial videos are the best type of videos for you. You can make use of different resources in your video production in NYC. A tutorial will help people with the know-how of your product. They will easily be able to use your products. You should keep your tutorial easy to help people understand easily.

Case Study Videos

People will not trust your business and services till you proof them the worth and benefits of it. While ensuring attractive images and video content, make sure you include proper case studies to show the success of your services. Include appropriate data, statistics, graphs, etc. However, you should ensure that your videos are not boring and still interesting for people. Include all this data in your video in such a way that it attracts a larger audience to use your services and trust them.


These are some of the most important types of videos you need to ensure the best business for your corporate video production in New York. You should take careful steps and work in a proper framework to ensure the best for your business. You can make the most of these types of videos and ensure the best for your business by earning followers and potential customers. Don’t miss out on any of this and get the best audience and earn profits!

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