3 Great Website Traffic Sources You’re Probably Not Using

Website Traffic Sources

The best place to get Website Traffic Sources from- Utilize websites with high domain authority and user-generated content as your primary source. Examining websites with enormous backlink profiles and high domain authority is the objective. You should utilize websites that accept user-generated content beyond their backlinks and domain authority because you can upload content that they approve, link back to your website, and generate traffic. Examples of this include Quora and Wikipedia.

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There are numerous similar websites, but these are two examples. They rank for everything and receive an abundance of traffic. Even if the links do not assist your SEO, it is acceptable. Participate in these communities and, where appropriate, provide links back to your website. Wherever it makes no logic, avoid doing it.

Do what’s best for their community, and you’ll see immediate traffic increases. I recall having an employee whose sole responsibility was to respond on Quora and build links to my website. It is that efficient. And after a while, I was no longer required to do so because I’ve been on Quora so frequently that I continue to receive residual traffic.

The second source is content syndication platforms. With this type of platform, you can become accustomed to algorithms that match your content with the content where your sponsored posts will be displayed. So let’s say readers of a blog post about dog food are the target audience for content pertaining to vegan dog food options.

These platforms will enable you to expose your content to individuals who are already consuming content on related topics. In addition, they offer a plethora of customization options that let you fine-tune your targeting. It’s similar to Facebook Ads or Google Ads, and there are numerous audience and geotargeting options. Here are some excellent illustrations of this type of platform. Outbrain, Zemanta, ARC, Taboola, ZergNet, AllTop, and 9Rules are included in the list. These are all excellent resources you should investigate.

YouTube is the third source that you ingest but do not leverage. My website has received over 150,000 visitors from YouTube in 2021 alone, but here’s the clincher. That is approximately 12,000 monthly visitors. That does not account for all the people who visit my website after I tell them, “Check out NP Digital if you want my agency to handle your marketing.” Please leave a comment stating, “Hey Neil, I’ve heard you say that before.” In the comments section, you’ll see how many people agree. This is the strength of it. Not included in those visitation statistics.

And here’s something that’s even greater. YouTube traffic is not chilly. I am creating marketing-related videos. People are viewing these videos. They are getting to know me and establishing rapport. Therefore, when I tell them to visit my website or my advertising agency, NP Digital, the conversion rate is so much higher because they are already familiar with me.

Did you know that the source of traffic that generates the most conversions for me is? What do you believe it to be? This is Google.

YouTube is number two. I am aware that number two, YouTube, is owned by Google, but we distinguish them because they are distinct websites. Now, the method for bringing traffic from YouTube is quite straightforward. You produce video-based content on timeless topics. Ubersuggest provides keyword investigation capabilities. Therefore, you visit ubersuggest.com, enter keywords related to your space, and it informs you what’s popular; you then create videos based on these keywords.

The YouTube algorithm is almost the polar antithesis of Google’s, which is why my videos receive so many views and I am able to drive so much traffic to my website. Google, if you want to rank extremely well, you must be patient and consistent. YouTube, however, is not so. If a video performs exceptionally well within the first twenty-four hours, it can rank at the top for any keyword.

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