2023 U21 EURO: Georgia and Romania

From June 21 to July 8, 2023, the competition will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Batumi, Kutaisi, and Tbilisi. Georgia and Romania will host the 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship final competition.

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Four stadiums in Romania (two in Cluj-Napoca and two in Bucharest) and four stadiums in Georgia are scheduled to host the tournament (one each in Batumi and Kutaisi, and two in Tbilisi). The first game will be played in Romania, and the championship game will be played in Georgia’s Batumi Arena.

Key dates

Finals draw: 18:00 CET, 18 October, Romanian Atheneum, Bucharest
Final tournament: 21 June to 8 July 2023, Georgia & Romania

In 1998, Romania hosted the U21 championships in Bucharest, which also served as one of the locations for UEFA EURO 2020 and the 2012 UEFA Europa League final. Additionally, Romania hosted the U19 EURO in 2011 and will do so once more in 2025.

The 2017 U19 EURO was held in Georgia, and the 2013 UEFA Futsal Cup finals and the 2015 UEFA Super Cup were both held in Tbilisi (at the Boris Paichadze Stadium).


Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, England, France, Georgia (hosts), Germany (holders), Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania (hosts), Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine

Finals slots were automatically guaranteed for both 2023 hosts. The remaining four teams advanced through the play-offs on September 23 and 27, while ten more teams secured spots in the qualifying group stage, which took place from March 2021 to June 2022.

For the final competition, the 16 qualified teams will be divided into four groups of four, with the four champions and four runners-up in each section advancing to the quarterfinals. From then, it will follow a typical knockout format.


Batumi, Batumi Arena: 3 Group C games, Semi-final, Final
Kutaisi, Ramaz Shengelia Stadium: 3 Group C games, Quarter-final
Tbilisi, Mikheil Meskhi Stadium: 3 Group A games, Quarter-final
Tbilisi, Boris Paichadze Stadium: 3 Group A games (involving Georgia)

Bucharest, Giulești Stadium: 3 Group B games, Quarter-final
Bucharest, Steaua Stadium: 3 Group B games (involving Romania), Semi-final
Cluj-Napoca, CFR Cluj Stadium 3 Group D games
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Arena: 3 Group D games, Quarter-final

Provisional schedule

Group A/Group B: 21, 24, 27 June
Group C/Group D: 22, 25, 28 June
Quarter-finals: 1 & 2 July
Semi-finals: 5 July
Final: 8 July

Knockout bracket

Quarter-final 1: Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group C (1 July, Mikheil Meskhi Stadium, Tbilisi)
Quarter-final 2: Winner Group C vs Runner-up Group A (2 July, Ramaz Shengelia Stadium, Kutaisi)
Quarter-final 3: Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group D (1 July, Giulești Stadium, Bucharest)
Quarter-final 4: Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group B (2 July, Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca)

Semi-final 1: Winner Quarter-final 1 vs Winner Quarter-final 2 (5 July, Batumi Arena, Batumi)
Semi-final 2: Winner Quarter-final 3 vs Winner Quarter-final 4 (5 July, Steaua Stadium, Bucharest)

Final: Winner Semi-final 1 vs Winner Semi-final 2 (8 July, Batumi Arena, Batumi)

2024 Olympic men’s football tournament

Without include the hosts France, who automatically qualify, Europe holds three spots in the 2024 Olympic men’s football competition. Other than France and England, who are ineligible for the Olympics, the top three finishers in the U21 finals will compete in the competition. Bucharest will host the play-off if necessary.

Previous U21 finals hosts

16 teams
: Hungary & Slovenia
12 teams
: Italy
2017: Poland
8 teams
2015: Czech Republic
2013: Israel
2011: Denmark
2009: Sweden
2007: Netherlands
2006: Portugal
2004: Germany
2002: Switzerland
2000: Slovakia
1998: Romania
1996: Spain
1994: France

UEFA European Under-21 Championship

2021: Germany 1-0 Portugal
2019: Spain 2-1 Germany
2017: Germany 1-0 Spain
2015: Sweden 0-0, 4-3p Portugal
2013: Spain 4-2 Italy
2011: Spain 2-0 Switzerland
2009: Germany 4-0 England
2007: Netherlands 4-1 Serbia
2006: Netherlands 3-0 Ukraine
2004: Italy 4-0 Serbia and Montenegro
2002: Czech Republic 0-0, 3-1p France
2000: Italy 2-1 Czech Republic
1998: Spain 1-0 Greece
1996: Italy 1-1, 4-2p Spain
1994: Italy 1-0aet Portugal
1992: Italy 2-1agg Sweden
1990: Soviet Union 7-3agg Yugoslavia
1988: France 3-0agg Greece
1986: Spain 3-3agg, 3-0p Italy
1984: England 3-0agg Spain
1982: England 5-4agg West Germany
1980: Soviet Union 1-0agg East Germany
1978: Yugoslavia 5-4agg East Germany
UEFA European Under-23 Championship
1976: Soviet Union 3-2agg Hungary
1974: Hungary 6-3agg East Germany
1972: Czechoslovakia 5-3agg Soviet Union

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