COVID-19 Challenge – Online Share Your ideas And Suggestions Quiz Competition

“Coronavirus COVID-19 Challenge” ENTER QUIZ “Online Participating in the “COVID-19 Solution Challenge. You can also share your inputs and ideas to help check the spread of Coronavirus across the country. “Share your Ideas & Suggestions to help fight Coronavirus” and “COVID-19 Solution Challenge” CLICK HERE TO ENTER IN QUIZ COMPETITION  http://tiny.cc/4l64lz Dear All Readers, As…

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COVID19 Outbreak Has Been Designated a Public Health Emergency By the World Health Organisation

Coronavirus Outbreak The recent COVID19 outbreak has been designated a public health emergency by the World Health Organisation. During such times, it is crucial to dispel myths and assert the basic facts on the novel coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2. As the pandemic creates, the components of how the infection spreads and taints are turning out…

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Common Moving Mistakes

There are several mistakes one can do when moving or relocating. The stress of moving can add confusion which leads to small mistakes which have bad repercussions on the whole process. And all this combined makes you frustrated. Even if the whole moving process goes smoothly, it’s already a stressful task.  You Can take services…

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