10 Facts About The Royal Bengali Tiger

Royal Bengali Tiger

One of the most powerful and regal animals you can learn about and even go to see in certain regions in Tibet, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and of course India, is the Royal Bangal tiger. It is even India’s national animal and you can find several reserves where you might spot one. Here are some great facts about one of nature’s most amazing creations.

1) Males are larger than females

A male when fully grown might get as large as 191kg and can reach as long as 23/4 meters. Females tend to weigh closer to 141kg and less than 21/2 meters.

2) They are very powerful

The way that they are built means that a Royal Bengali tiger is extremely powerful. They can drag their prey for almost 1.6km even when their prey is heavier than they are. It takes just one well-timed attack and they can take their target down, breaking the spinal cord with a powerful jerk or taking them out by the throat.

3) They are very solitary creatures

While they can be found mostly in marches, grasslands and mangroves they are anti-social creatures, staying alone unless it is mating season and then leaving again when it is done. Very occasionally there might be a group of 3 or 4 tigers living together.

4) This large creature can climb!

Despite their size and weight, they are excellent climbers. While they do not hang out in trees, if they are hinting they will climb a tree to do what is needed.

5) Very strong senses

The Royal Bangal tiger has better eyesight than a lot of other animals and also has amazing hearing.

Royal Bengali Tiger

6) They have large territories

They might seem like typical cats lazing in the sun when they are not hunting but in fact, they have large territories that they will roam on. They will also travel very far to protect that territory. Some tigers might see their territory be as much as 322 square km.

7) Amazing claws and teeth

It has big teeth and claws. Its canines are the longest growing as long as 10cm and being more than a lion’s. Their claws are sheathed which is how they are able to do things like climb.


8) They will eat anything!

The Royal Bengali tiger prefers deer, antelope, water buffaloes and wild board but they will hunt and eat anything. They have been seen hunting leopard peacocks, crocodiles, wolves, baby elephants and monkeys too. They kill swiftly and could eat as much as 40kg of meat in one meal. But they would likely not eat for another 2 to 3 weeks.


9) Bengal tigers are fantastic swimmers

Some tigers live in mangrove ecosystems and there they need to swim and they are good at it too. They can also hunt in the water.


10) White Bengal tigers are not albinos

It is a mistaken belief that white Bengal tigers are albino. In fact, it is a gene mutation when they are white with black stripes.


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